Leigh - (boss man)

Leigh has been a colourist for over 35 years.

He has a strong background in education, teaching at some of the most esteemed salons and acadamies in London and Paris. Over the past 3 decades his vast knowledge combined with his unique, positive and tailored approach to education has enabled countless colourists to gain a real, in-depth knowledge of the craft and inspired them to realise their full potential. Renowned within the industry for his thorough knowledge, positivity, creativity and attention to detail, Leigh remains passionate about his work and is always looking for new ways to inspire. He is available in the salon to offer advice and inspiration. 

"I wanted to create something new, something different from other salons. An independent salon with no restrictions, full of highly talented individuals and encourage them to develop their own unique personalities and express themselves through their work. I believe that together, we have achieved this."


Karen - director

Karen is Leigh's business partner. They founded the salon together in 2002 and she remains as a managing director. Karen and Leigh share the same values and beliefs in the way they approach the salon and have built up a great understanding together. For any marketing, press or advertising queries, Karen can be contacted on


Lewis - Stylist

Early in his career the hairdressing industry recognised Lewis's unique talent when they voted him ‘Best British Newcomer' and over the last 30 years he has established himself as one of the most talented and highly respected cutters in London.

One of the original team members at the world renowned Nicky Clarke salon in Mayfair, Lewis spent 23 years working with some of the most talented and creative hairdressers in the industry, honing his skills to become a true master of the craft.

Proud of his London heritage but passionate about challenging himself, in 2013 Lewis joined the globally established ‘Rossano Ferretti'. This enabled him to add a new artistic dimension to his work by studying a different hair philosophy and also allowed him to integrate into their flagship salon in Parma, Italy.

Through the years his incredible talent has seen him in great demand worldwide from high profile, A-list stars and supermodels to royalty. He has notable editorial assignments to his name and his work has graced the major catwalk shows from London to Milan.

Leigh and Lewis knew each other indirectly for a long time as together they share a great number of clients. Leigh became a huge admirer of Lewis's work and a few years ago they finally got to meet. Since then they have become great friends.

Alongside plying his trade at London super-salon Gielly Green an opportunity has now been realised for Leigh and Lewis to collaborate and create under the same roof. The prospect of combining their exceptional talents in colouring and cutting is very exciting.

Never before have we been able to bring such an extraordinary talent to work with us in Tunbridge Wells and we feel truly privileged to be able to include Lewis as part of our growing team at Leigh Roberts.


Rosie - Colourist/Salon Manager

Rosie joined the team in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength, establishing herself as Leigh's head colourist. She has huge ability in all aspects of colouring and never fails to impress Leigh with her colour work. In 2019 Rosie gained a coveted place on the L'Oreal International ID Artistic Team as well as becoming salon general manager.

"I had always coveted working at Leigh Roberts. The salon looked and felt different to other salons I had seen, it just felt right. I knew that this was the place I needed to be to progress to a whole new level. In 2015, I got my chance and have never looked back.

I feel grateful to be a part of such an amazing team of talented individuals and my work has improved and progressed so much by being exposed to the creative diversity in the salon.

Leigh and Karen have been so supportive and constantly encourage me to push myself further. With their help, I had the privilege of securing a place on the L'Oreal International ID Artistic Team in 2019.

I am now Salon Manager and feel so lucky to be involved with such an inspiring and talented team and in some way, responsible for continuing the salons high standards, enviable reputation and success."


Fiona - Stylist

Fiona has been with Leigh from the beginning and is one of the founding members of the team and also worked with him for 7 years prior to the salon opening. During this time she has also worked internationally. She has 22 years of experience in the industry and a very loyal clientele. Her high level of training is clearly reflected in her work, yet she remains passionate about learning new skills and challenging herself.

"I have worked with Leigh for 22 years now, the last 15 years as part of the team at Leigh Roberts. As a founding member of the team, i've found it amazing watching the salon grow from the first day to where we are now with such an incredible team. During my time here i've developed my skills and pushed myself creatively. I've built great relationships with my loyal clients and have a fantastic rapport with the rest of the team."


Gary - Stylist/colourist

Gary is an extremely experienced stylist and colourist with over 30 years in the industry at the highest level. He has travelled the world demonstrating his skill and technical ability on stage in New York, Barcelona and Las Vegas to audiences of thousands and has been placed as a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards three consecutive times.

In addition to his salon work, Gary has worked as a session stylist throughout his career and his work has been displayed in fashion magazines including Grazia, Tatler and Marie Claire to name a few.

Gary is also has vast experience in bridal and wedding hair. He was guest speaker at the National Wedding Show UK alongside Caryn Franklyn and was Artistic Director for the National Wedding Fashion Show.

As an innovator, Gary draws his inspiration from iconic fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mcqueen.

"As they use the finest fabrics and cut the material to fit the body imaginatively and elegantly, so I cut and colour the hair to create unique, personal styles."


Kelly - Stylist/Colourist

Kelly joined us in 2019. She is a very experienced stylist/colourist and a perfectionist whose attention to detail is second to none. Leigh is a huge admirer of her work and really respects her professional work ethic. Kelly has worked locally for 12 years and during that time has built a very loyal clientele.



Jane - Stylist

Jane and Leigh have been good friends for over 30 years and have previously worked together. Jane trained and worked in London for many years before coming to Tunbridge Wells and more recently renewed her working relationship with Leigh and the team at the salon. A true "fashionista" she always looks nothing short of immaculate!


Charlotte - Stylist/Colourist  (on maternity leave from July 2023)

Charlotte has been part of the Leigh Roberts team since 2013 and through her hard work and determination has become a key member of our team. She demonstrates a confidence in her work and is always looking for new ways to push herself to the next level. She is held in high regard by all of our team and clients alike and is gaining herself a reputation as something of a blow-dry specialist.

"I've been lucky to be given the opportunity to work as part of such a great team. Being mentored by the rest of the team has been a fantastic experience and my work has progressed so much under their guidance. I'm always eager to learn more and i'm glad to be working in such an inspiring environment."


Emma - Stylist/Colourist

Emma has been with us since 2022 and brings with her a wealth of experience in both cutting and colouring. Her calm manner and eye for detail have gained her a well deserved high reputation and a loyal following. 

"I started hairdressing in 2006 and after 15 years learning my trade and developing my skill set, I felt that I had reached a point in my career where if I was going to progress, I needed to make the move to a salon that put more focus on the hair itself, where I would feel comfortable and could reach my true potential. In 2021 I got my opportunity and moved to Leigh Roberts. I can honestly say that it's the best decision I've ever made. I love the relaxed energy of the place, the awesome team and I truly enjoy every day working at the salon."  




Niamh joined us in 2023 and has quickly established herself as an important part of the team.    

With her continuous re-invention and a keen eye for fashion and upcoming trends, she really is one to watch.

"I graduated from the prestigious Goldsmiths College London with a degree in fine art before embarking on my chosen career in hairdressing. I have always been drawn to strong aesthetics and creative styling and utilising my background in art and fashion has really helped me in my career so far. I'm inspired by both contemporary and historical references and draw inspiration from both to use in my classic cuts, editorial styling and colour work. Within myself, I enjoy reinvention and am constantly striving to progress. Starting at Leigh Roberts and joining an incredibly talented, supportive and kind team, I feel excited about my career and what I can achieve in this industry."



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