Products for fine, fragile or thinning hair and to prevent hair loss.
This treatment will add strength and volume to the hair, help to prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth, whilst the antioxidant effect stimulates and invigorates the scalp.


Products for dry, brittle, damaged and chemically treated hair.
This treatment containing royal jelly repairs and restructures the hair from deep within leaving it stronger, hydrated and beautifully conditioned.


Anti-dandruff treatments.
A deep cleansing, antiseptic treatment, eliminating product build-up, environmental debris and effectively improving the condition of the scalp.


This treatment is designed to detoxify the hair and scalp by removing environmental impurities often found in hard water areas and swimming pools, especially chlorine and limescale. The intensive antioxidant action is extremely effective against pollutants and free radicals.


A soothing and relieving treatment for calming a dry, itchy or sensitive scalp. Immediately relieves irritation and promotes an effective and long-lasting, soothing action.


A moisturizing, protective and invigorating remedy for all hair types. This is a great all-round maintanence treatment that can be used between other treatments to keep the hair and scalp in prime condition.

Keratin mask

For extremely damaged hair.
This treatment is the ultimate solution for hair that is damaged through chemical processes, prone to becoming very tangled and suffering split ends. This treatment contains a keratin complex that effectively repairs and rejuvenates the hair leaving even the most damaged hair smooth and silky.
Treatment times between 30-45 minutes.
All treatments include 10-15 minute scalp massage and can be added to any other service.
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